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Extensions for Joomla
Extensions for Joomla developed using the scripts on this site now have a dedicated web site - Pluginaria!

The following are based on scripts:

Absolute Floating Menu Free-float another Joomla module on the page or float it confined to specific module position. Several copies of Absolute floating menu can be used on a single page.
AutoAnchor Menu Navigate between long article sections through an automatically generated menu.

Other extensions for Joomla! CMS:

Custom HTML Advanced Insert custom HTML code in a module position without filtering even for the SCRIPT tags with added possibility to override CSS for the pages the module is enabled for.
Fixed'n'Sticky Make module fixed on screen spot.
Template Modifier Alter aspects (css, javascript) of the templates without changing template files
Unified Module Chrome Show several modules as one (for example with single border around them) with Unified Module Chrome module. Especially useful for some tabs implementations which display single module in each tab.

Joomla! CMS is an open source content management system that greatly simplifies building web sites. With thousands of additional modules and plugins to choose from the possibilities are limitless.