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Last updated: 21 Feb 2009
Showing/hiding parts of web page
The most basic way of making web pages dynamic is to display or hide content based on some user action. Dynamic HTML forms could be done this way.

The javascript sample presented here will allow you to show or hide any element of the web page (or even an DIV or SPAN element containing parts of HTML document).
Script demonstration
Hide DIV Gracefuly degradable toggle visibility

Script source code
To use the script perform the following steps:

  • Assign an id to web page element you wish to show and/or hide. (for example, to an absolutely-positioned DIV on the page as shown in script demo section).
  • If you want your element to be initally invisible, have it with style display:none.
  • Insert the following code somewhere on the page (or put in separate file and reference it):
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
/* Script by:
 * Version: 20090221
 * Latest version:
function showPageElement(what)
    var obj = typeof what == 'object'
        ? what : document.getElementById(what); = 'block';
    return false;

function hidePageElement(what)
    var obj = typeof what == 'object'
        ? what : document.getElementById(what); = 'none';
    return false;

function togglePageElementVisibility(what)
    var obj = typeof what == 'object'
        ? what : document.getElementById(what);

    if ( == 'none') = 'block';
    else = 'none';
    return false;

  • Use showPageElement()function with with the object or its id to show an element of the web page. Similarly, use hidePageElement() to hide and togglePageElementVisibility() to change it visibility from hidden to shown and vice versa. For example:
        Show DIV
        Hide DIV
or (if you require graceful degradation when the browser has javascript turned off - note the presence of return keyword)
    href="put graceful degradation url here"
    onclick="return togglePageElementVisibility('div1')">
        Toggle DIV
  • Be sure to verify page design with the Javascript turned off.
Browser compatibility
The javascript snippet above was tested on the following user agents:

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x Ok.
Firefox 2.0.x Ok.
Firefox 1.5 Ok.
Firefox 1.0.x Ok.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Ok.
Internet Explorer 6.0 Ok.
Internet Explorer 5.0 Ok.
Opera Opera 9.x Ok.
Opera 8.x Ok.
KHTML Safari 3.2.1 for Windows Ok.
Konqueror 3.5.5 Ok.
No Javascript or
Javascript turned off
Any Graceful degradation possible. *

*: Graceful degradation could be done if the script is called from onclick handler of hyperlinks or form submit buttons and the handler returns false. This way if javascript is turned on, it will stop the default action (hyperlink navigation or form submit) and execute the script, but if javascript is turned off default action will execute.